EasyPOS Handsfree 2D Barcode Scanner

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✔ EasyPOS Handsfree 2D Barcode Scanner USB Laser Wired - Black Color
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EasyPOS Barcode Scanner USB Laser 2D Wired Automatic Handheld Plug and Play with Base Stand Compatible with Mac Win10, Win7, Win8.1, iOS7, Linux

- High-quality image processing
- Multiple Focal Options: Standard, HD, and DPM
- Multi-interface: Auto interface detection
- Support mobile screen reading
- Medical standard material: Anti-bacteria material
- High IP rating: IP43
- High Drop performance: 6 inches

Typical Performance* Typical Working Ranges
HD Focus Range SR Focus Range ER Focus Range
Bar Code Type Symbol Density Near Far Near Far Near Far
Code 39 5.0 mil 5mm 90mm 30mm 120mm 80mm 180mm
100% UPCA 13.0 mil 8mm 200mm 15mm 350mm 10mm 480mm
Code 39 20.0 mil 8mm 250mm 15mm 350mm 20mm 550mm
PDF 417 6.8 mil 5mm 95mm 10mm 150mm 70mm 220mm
Data Matrix 10.0 mil 5mm 110mm 10mm 180mm 65mm 260mm
QR Code 20.0 mil 10mm 150mm 10mm 350mm 20mm 450mm
Resolution 1D Code 39 2.8 mil (0.071mm) 4.8 mil (0.122mm) 4.8mil (0.122mm)
Resolution 2D Data Matrix 4.8 mil (0.122mm) 6.6 mil (0.168mm) 7.5mil (0.191mm)
*Performance may be impacted by bar code quality and environmental conditions.


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