Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3NX 16GB

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✔ 16GB Aegis SecureKey 3NX
✔ FIPS 140-2 level 3 Validation pending | Ultra Compact
✔ On-the-Fly 100% Hardware-Based Encryption
✔ Designed and Assembled in California USA
✔ Free Shipping & Usually Ships within 10 Day
✔ 3 Year Warranty

Aegis SecureKey 3NX
FIPS 140-2 level 3 Validation pending | Ultra-Compact | On-the-Fly 100% Hardware-Based Encryption | Software-Free Setup and Operation | Cross-Platform Compatible | Host-Free Onboard Keypad Authentication | Rugged Extruded Aluminum Enclosure.

The Next Generation of Secure Key I Aegis Secure Key 3NX
Our fourth generation of Secure Keys brings next-generation security features, up to 25% cooler operating temperatures, and an even lower cost. Software-Free, 100% hardware-based 256-bit AES XTS encrypted, onboard keypad PIN authenticated, and ultra-fast USB 3.1 (3.0) data transfer speeds. All Data is encrypted on the fly and the device’s PINs and Data remain encrypted while the drive is at rest. Completely cross-platform compatible and OS agnostic; thrives in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Chrome, embedded systems, and equipment possessing a powered USB port and storage file system. All internal componentry is protected from physical tampering with a layer of hardened epoxy, and locked-down firmware brings immunity to malware attacks such as Bad USB.

Brute-Force Defence
Select the Number of Consecutive Invalid PIN Attempts Permitted (4-20) Before Crypto-Erase. All Aegis Secure Drives are unlocked (authenticated) by entering a PIN on their own onboard keypad. Since the PIN is not entered using the host computer’s keyboard, they are not vulnerable to software or hardware-based key-loggers or software-based brute force attacks. However, if the device comes under a physical brute force attack, your data is protected with a programmable “Brute Force Hack Defense Mechanism” which, if the programmed number (between 4 and 20) of consecutive incorrect password entries has been attempted, the device will delete its own encryption key and destroy the ability to decrypt its stored data.


Data Transfer Rate

Up to 77MB/s Read / 72MB/s Write

Power Supply

USB Port / Internal Battery


SuperSpeed USB 3.1 (Backwards compatible with USB 3.0, 2.0 and 1.1)


81mm x 18.4mm x 9.5mm | 22 g


3-year Limited Warranty


FIPS 140-2 Level 3 pending 4Q 2019, IP-67, FCC, CE, VCCI, WEE, C-TICK

Certification Policies

ECCN / HTS / Cage Code

5A992.c / 8473.50.3000 / 3VYK8

System Requirements

Windows®, Mac®, Linux, Android and Symbian systems, or any powered USB OS with a storage file system

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