100X100X70 PVC Junction Box Waterproof IP65 - ABS Box

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✔ Weatherproof IP65 junction box, perfect for outdoor use
✔ Solid PVC plastic grey halogen free construction
✔ Plain sides, easy turn plastic screws
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Waterproof Plastic Electrical Distribution Box 100x100x70
It is made of materials such as ABS and PC, etc, elegant external shape, high firmness. Combined body and cover are fixed with four plastic screws that are difficult to fall off. Its specification and size can be designed based on customer requirements. Economic and affordable. Only have 1/4 weight of the iron box, to facilitate handling and operation, no corrosion, easy insulation.

Application: CCTV Camera, Electrical, electronics, communication, fire fighting equipment, control panel, terminal box, large factory, coastal plant, environmental hazard facility and etc.



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