Xiaomi Global Version Mi Motion

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- Mi Motion-Activated Night Light Mijia LED Night Light

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Xiaomi Global Version Mi Motion-Activated Night Light Mijia LED Night Light Infrared Remote Control Body Sensor For Xiaomi Smart Home.

Dual sensor, Ultra-Low Power, Dual Light levels and adhesive suspendable Extraordinary Sensing Function: Light 120-degree sensing angle and sensing distance 5-7m.
Using advanced photosensitive sensor and human infrared sensor technology with anti-frared interference function light can turn on automatically in the dark environment and light for 15 seconds
Extremely low power consumption: only 0.25W power consumption when in standby mode. Two brightness mode adjustment: 0.7Lm mode and 3.8Lm
comforting warm light for a tender night Technology Paint the life Splendid: Enhance the sensor performance
Design originated from life, ABS material, and high-density polyethylene material. Minimalist Design Adds Unique Flavor to Life

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