Samsung Air Purifier with Virus Doctor

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- Virus Doctor, 4 Step Purification, Air Quality Indicator
- Free Shipping & Usually Ships within 5 Days
- One Year Warranty

Pure air, wide and fast

Quickly purifies a wide area, reaching from corner to corner. A Front Air Inflow easily draws in air and a Power Fan spreads clean air in 3 directions, so it reaches much wider and faster

Reduces over 99% of PM2.5

4-step Purification System

A 4-step purification system keeps the air pure. It removes large dust particles, various harmful gases like formaldehyde, over 99% of ultrafine dust, and reduces certain viruses and allergens by up to 99%

Smart Detection & Display

Ultrafine Dust Sensor, Gas Sensor

Ultrafine dust and gas sensors detect the air quality in real-time and automatically optimizes the performance. A digital display also shows the level of ultrafine dust in numbers and gaseous contaminants with 4 color variations.

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